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Thumbs up and down

Films can tell….

I think no one, who knows anything about films, would deny that they are a great invention, which people have ever seen. As for me, it is strange to think, what I will do without an opportunity to find out my favourite movie in TV guide and send an evening enjoying it. As a person, who is interested in foreign languages and cultures, I also like to see foreign films, because they can tell a lot about the country, where they were made. A vivid example: Indian films, paying attention at people’s behavior, their understanding of kindness, cruelty and self-sacrifice, seeing, what Indians wear, what kind of songs they sing and how they dance, I get a very good idea, about this country and its people, who are very naive, but who respect the people around them and always are ready to fight for justice. I also like German films, because they often have deep philosophical since, which make them be unlike other films. For example the film <Knocking on the Heaven’s door> makes me think, that I should value every second of our life and never miss opportunity to leam the world around me. As for American films I have contra dictionary opinion about the country, were they were made. On the one hand seeing people’s aggression toward each other, their unmotivated actions it seems to me that people are dashing there. But one the other hand there are many comedies and funny cartoons, which shows other side of American life. But I have no doubts, that it is a very beautiful country, with its skyscrapers, beautiful landscapes and picturesque cottages. I think every film is worth to be seen as a piece of country, because they reflect a history, tradition, and lifestyle, though it is often exaggerated.


Death penalty

Nobody has right to throw stones at anybody, because there is no one, who has never sinned against the laws of society, because there is no one, who have never made mistakes. The best evidence of it is a great number of crimes, such as burglary, smuggle, theft, blackmail, bribery. Of course, they can’t be excused, but at the same time everyone has a chance to realize his mistakes and to change the situation. But if a person is a murderer it is very difficult to justify him. On the one hand the most suitable punishment for such person is death penalty, because one, who doesn’t value people’s life and for whom relative’s tears don’t matter has no right to continue his existence. Besides, capital punishment is warning for other people. Knowing about consequences of their actions they will hardly decide to become a murderer. And it is necessary for civilized society. But on the other hand there are so many cases, when person, who has never committed a crime, is sentenced to death. It is also very important question for me. If society murders murderer, isn’t it a crime? Maybe it will be better, when murder’s conscience kills him, before sentence will be passed. But, unfortunately it is impossible. The one way out of this situation is to change our attitude to each other, to be more amiable, so that there will be less reasons to comit a crime.


Appretiation of art

I like art very much, especially painting and I can’t help admiring of artistic people, because for me they are to create a beauty, and to make us feel different feelings. I believe that art is one of the most valuable things in the world, and not because it is spectacular but because it shows feelings of people, their wishes and their mood. I believe that every picture tells it own tale. Even such picture, as black square, which seems to be usual, reflect such feelings as fear, because of coming dangerous and despair. I am agree that sometimes it is very difficult to understand, what artist wanted to tell, painting different figures, using different combination of color. And I know such people, who don’t appreciate art. As for me it is often very difficult to understand it. For example, when I look at Salvador Dali’s pictures I can hardly understand artist’s massage. I can interpret them but it is only my opinion. I also think that few artists also don’t know, what there pictures means, because art is close connected with artist’s subconscious wishes, which are enigma even for their owner.


Woman is to last to be hired and the first to be fired

I agree that today it is very difficult for woman to find a noble job and make a career. More and more women complain that they have been discriminated against on job. They complain that employers show more preference to men, or if they get job, they have no guarantee that they will be not hired. That is why most women say about sex discrimination. Maybe they have right. Maybe men want women to be housekeepers, who cook, clean, wash and iron, grow up children and wait for them, so that they can achieve their aims and subjects. As for me I read a lot of articles about women, who were hired, because of the opinion, that they are not as clever as men, or because of their pregnancy. My mother was also hired, because employer thought that man is more capable in this sphere. I also faced such problem at our University. But I think that sex discrimination, as well as discrimination on bases of race, colour or national origin exist not everywhere. There are such countries asSweden, where there are more female ministers than male. There are female presidents, who are very successful. I also think that everywhere there are employers, for whom it isn’t important if an employee a women or men, because they pay more attention at personality.

I think that the most important thing for woman is her family, because no one can take so much care of it, as she. In my point of view a lot of women are ready to overcome all difficulties and sacrifice their wishes, to make her children and husband happy, Women put a great deal on their shoulders, and only thing they need is love and understanding. They are housekeepers, mother, and teacher. But I also think that sometimes women, as any human need to relax, forget about their duties and feel free from responsibility


Modern facilities (music)

As for me I can’t imagine my day without music, because music is a part of my life. And I think that it is not only a combination of pleasant sounds, but an interlacement of feeling and emotions. It is an art, which reflects life. Wherever I go, whatever I do, music accompanies me everywhere. I can hear it: in the streets and at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops. I think it is good, that today there are so much facilities make music available any time, anywhere. To listen to music I don’t need to go everywhere, I can turn off TV or Computer or tape recorder. If I go for a walk, I can also use CD player. I think it is really great, because it prevents us from stress, gives us supply of energy, help to relax and don’t let lose heart. As for disadvantages, it is hard to tell. I heard about some researches, which prove that such facilities as players or computer influence people’s health badiy. For example people, who listen music, using ear caps, can become deaf. But I don’t believe in it. Maybe only disadvantage is that music makes people be absorbed in thoughts, and it can be dangerous for their life, if they for example go for a walk and cross the street, listening to the music, they can even get into car oxidant.


Fail and success

I think that people’s life is combination of ups and downs. One day the things go on well, we archieve oar aims, fulfill our wishes, we can get a good job and be generally recognized and so on. Next day there is a black-soil belt, which doesn’t let us be successful, we are in the doldrums and it seems to us, that there is no escape. Why is it so? It is very difficult to explain. People often say themselves it was destined to happen, or I had a bad luck, or a good luck. I also often believe in it. But sometimes I make sure that everything, what happen to me, depends on my feelings and mood. For example, when I am in a good mood, I can do any job. But when I am in bad mood, nothing goes on well. I feel anger and can take my irritation out on somebody. I also thing, that lack of ability to cope with my feelings prevents me from archiving success. I am often upset and feel anxiety without weighty reason and I think it is my weak point.


Legalization of drugs


There is an opinion, that the best way to control is to legalize. And today such countries asAmsterdamand theNetherlandstry to prove this with the help of legalization of light drugs. They have tolerance towards cannabis and marijuana and everyone, who uses them or sells, has no fear to be arrested and to be sentenced to imprisonment. But I as a non — smoker and non -drags user don’t agree, that legalization helps to control people. I believe it is very difficult to live in the society, where everyone can offer drugs. Especially it concerns teens, who often use cannabis ore smile faced Ecstasy to show that they are independent and young enough. It doesn’t matter, if the drugs light or not, because I believe, in the end they have the same effect: paranoia, sufferings and overdose. I also think that under drug’s influence person can do everything, what he wants, he can steal, black-male, kidnap rape or even become murderer. That is why drugs are danger for all people. Maybe inAmsterdampeople know how to stop using drugs. But as for legalization of drugs inRussia, I think it is impossible. We have already such legal drug as alcohol, and its legalization have very bad influence of our people, who first experience with it, can’t give up. I also knew few drugs-users. And I will not wish even my worse enemy the suffering they had.



Today there are so many films, which show different sides of our life: documentaries, horror films, action films, comedies, cartoons, romantic comedies, love stories, dramas and thrillers. Many people can’t imagine their life, without an opportunity to spend their evening enjoying their favourite actors and special effects. Day by day they watch TV for entertaining or for getting new feelings and don’t notice that cinema influence them greatly. For example actions films motivate aggression, especially it concerns teens and children, who seeing cruelty begin to think that violence can help to solve any problem. Romantic comedies and love stories also influence people’s opinion, they gives them a good idea about true love, which often has nothing I common with life. They create lovely illusion, which often don’t let people put up with the world around them. Documentary films, such as BBC have educational function, and help us to understand ourselves and other people. Sometimes they can even change our attitude to surrounding world, suggest new thoughts, fear and fills. That is why I think that we should be very careful about what we see, and choose such films and programms, which are not only thrilling, but which give us positive impressions.


Person’s character

Ithink it is very difficult to define person’s nature, because everyone has his individual inner world, which isn’t understandable for many people. As for me. I often meet people, who seem to be very kind and generous, but whose actions proclaim their cruelty.I know that today there are many methods to understand people’s nature and even their train of thoughts, but to say the truth; I not always take them into consideration, because of my inattention For me the main way to define if person kind or not, is to look in his face. If I see sincere smile and tender look, I will know that I deal with a kind person. Sometimes I also pay attention at people’s gestures, because they tell their own tale. For example, if speaking with person I see that he avoid direct eye contact or have shifty eyes, I have no doubts that he is lying and it shows that he can be insincere, double-faced or even perfidious. I avoid such people. Sometimes I also try to define person’s character hearing their voice. If person says in a peremptory tone, I suppose he is power-loving and ambitious person. If somebody often raises his voice, it means for me that he a person of impulse, who can loose his tamper and even throw tantrums. I also think that to understand other people, it is necessary to understand myself, my body language, my thoughts and behavior and it will be not so difficult to deal with other people.


Propitious town

Today more and more people are anxious to get away from the small town, so that to live in a big city, because they think, that it affords an opportunity to achieve their aims, to get good education, to find more entertainments or even to get married. When I hear the world big city, the first, what occurreds to me, are a great number of buildings, many shopping centre, schools. museums, theaters and restaurants, lots of people and stranger, who are always in a hurry. Big town, it is noise, lights and neon sins, which attract young people. But not always big city can give people, what they need. Not everyone can afford many luxuries of the big city. It is very easy to feel lonely, because of lake of understanding or because of fail to find own place. Maybe big towns can give people much more than provincial ones, but I think that to feel happy and enjoy life, people needn’t a lots of restaurants and shopping centers, because all they lose they attractiveness, if there are no close people, who make us forget about everything, including disadvantages of world around us. I also think that our town is a little pretentious. When we compare it for example with Mosque, we can understand it. But I can’t say that there is a lack of opportunity to amuse and entertain here. I think everywhere there are good places, amenities and attractive.


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